Albanian Airlines DVD - BAe 146

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Albanian Airlines, founded in 1992, operates a fleet of BAe146 aircraft from its main base at Tirana Airport.This program takes you in the cockpit of the BAe146-300 on flights from Albania to Germany, Greece, Italy, Turkey and the UK.Pilots talk in great detail about the company, the aircraft and the various checks, briefings and paperwork required to operate each flight.Also included is a flight in the cabin. Flight Information A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations BAe146-300 ZA-MEV LV 650 TIR-FRA 2h02 TIR Tirana, ALBANIA FRA Frankfurt, GERMANY BAe146-300 ZA-MEV LV 651 FRA-TIR 1h51 FRA Frankfurt, GERMANY TIR Tirana, ALBANIA BAe146-300 ZA-MEV LV 520 TIR-IST 1h17 TIR Tirana, ALBANIA IST Istanbul, TURKEY BAe146-300 ZA-MEV LV 521 IST-TIR 1h20 IST Istanbul, TURKEY TIR Tirana, ALBANIA BAe146-300 ZA-MEV LV 226 TIR-BLQ 1h21 TIR Tirana, ALBANIA BLQ Bologna, ITALY BAe146-300 ZA-MEV LV 227 BLQ-TIR 1h10 BLQ Bologna, ITALY TIR Tirana, ALBANIA BAe146-300 ZA-MEV LV 310 TIR-ATH 0h58 TIR Tirana, ALBANIA ATH Athens, GREECE BAe146-300 ZA-MEV LV 311 ATH-TIR 0h55 ATH Athens, GREECE TIR Tirana, ALBANIA BAe146-300 ZA-MEV LV 530 TIR-STN 3h04 TIR Tirana, ALBANIA STN London Stansted, UK BAe146-300 ZA-MEV LV 531 STN-TIR 2h47 STN London Stansted, UK TIR Tirana, ALBANIA