Boeing 747 Memories Part One: Series 100 200B 300

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Our Boeing 747 Memories Part One DVD uses previously unseen material and footage from a variety of Avion DVDs. Taking you back to some of the classic versions of the 747; Series 100, 200B and 300.

An informative narrative ties together some of the main elements of the 747 story. But never intereferes with the action you want to hear, as well as see.

747s from over sixty different airlines include, for example, BOAC, Pan Am and TWA. Series 100s of other national carriers are covered, plus freighter versions.

Finally, it’s the workhorse 747 Classic; the Series 200. Very competent and hugely popular, it’s in action at airports around the world.

With superbly restored cine film and wonderful airside action from Avion video cameras, this is a great 747 DVD!