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The 2003 Classic Airshow was a must for all propliner and vintage jet fans. With three cameras capturing all the action, this is a superb souvenir of possibly the last show at Coventry. Air Atlantique always excel in getting unusual aircraft at their displays, and the DC 2 in KLM colours was one of the stars of the show. Weve some excellent close up shots of this and many other vintage aircraft. Watch the Lysander gently drift over the threshold, or a DC6 and Electra roar by at very low level dealing with a mock oil spill, wonderful stuff. Dont miss the Shackleton running up all four engines - growling Griffons galore! On the DVD there is an extra seven minute bonus section, featuring the whole of the engine run. Vintage Jets? Try Sabre, T33, Sea Vixen, Hunter, Venom, Meteor and Canberra. Lovely routines by the Anson, Blenheim and Noratlas all provide some evocative shots of these rare flying legends. Formation flying by the Breitling fighters - and by three DC3s. B17G Sally B and lots more!DVD, 75 min.