Classic Wings BAC One-Eleven Part 2 DVD

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THIS DVD CONTINUES THE STORY OF THE BAC 1-11, FOLLOWING THE FIRST FOUR YEARS OF SALES SUCCESS THAT WERE COVERED IN CLASSIC WINGS - BAC ONE-ELEVEN PART 1. Using digital video and restored colour film from the BAE Archives, the introduction of the Series 500 and the development of two high performance 1-11s, the Series 475 and 670, are shown in detail. As the 1-11?s service life lengthened, so did the number of operators. Over 40 of them are seen on this DVD; from BEA to Savannah Airlines. Highlights include: Early years in the UK with Autair, Court Line, Dan Air, BIA and BCal. LACSA 1-11s in service at Miami. Merpati Nusantara, Air Pacific, Air Malawi and Oman Air Force. BEA at Heathrow and Tempelhof. BA at Munich and Dusseldorf. Tarom, Germanair, Phoenix, Cyprus and Cambrian. Nigerian operators and South Africa?s Nationwide Airlines. A flightdeck ride on a European Series 530. Final years of UK operations with AB Airlines, British World and EAL. and lots more!