Daallo DVD - AN-24, B737-200, IL-18

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Daallo becomes the 184th airline to join the World Air Routes series. This is the first time were flying theIlyushin 18 and first time we feature the Antonov 24 on dvd. After a company presentation you depart Djibouti International Airport for Dubai on the B737-200. That is followed by 4 flights on the IL-18 as well as 2 flights on the AN-24 to 3 destinations in Somalia, the first time our series lands in this country.The program is a very unique opportunity to discover the cockpit operation of these 2 Russian aircraft, you will also have a look at the cabin and service on all 3 types.The dvd has a lot of very interesting scenery from an area of the world that does not have abundant airline service and as a result, the airports you will visit make this a rare opportunity to include Djibouti as well as 3 airports in Somalia in your World Air Routes collection.&nbsp Flight Information A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations B737-200 A6-PHA D3 188 JIB-DXB 3h07 JIB Djibouti, DJIBOUTI DXB Dubai, UAE B737-200 A6-PHD D3 189 DXB-JIB 3h06 DXB Dubai, UAE JIB Djibouti, DJIBOUTI IL-18 EX-201 D3 158 JIB-HGA 0h34 JIB Djibouti, DJIBOUTI HGA Hargeisa, SOMALIA IL-18 EX-201 D3 158 HGA-MGQ 1h36 HGA Hargeisa, SOMALIA MGQ Mogadishu, SOMALIA IL-18 EX-201 D3 159 MGQ-HGA 1h37 MGQ Mogadishu, SOMALIA HGA Hargeisa, SOMALIA IL-18 EX-201 D3 159 HGA-JIB 0h35 HGA Hargeisa, SOMALIA JIB Djibouti, DJIBOUTI AN-24 J2-SHE D3 771 JIB-BSA 1h39 JIB Djibouti, DJIBOUTI BSA Bossaso, SOMALIA AN-24 J2-SHE D3 772 BSA-JIB 1h33 BSA Bossaso, SOMALIA JIB Djibouti, DJIBOUTI