Druk Air DVD - BAe 146-100

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First released on VHS in 2001, the Druk Air program returns on DVD 5 years later mostly because it offers a look at the spectacular and very unusual flying in and out of Paro, Bhutan. You are in the cockpit for 2 departures and 2 arrival at Paro in both directions of the runway, pilots explain what the special procedure is. You will also fly to 5 of the airlines destinations in Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Thailand and observe the BAe146 arriving and departing from the runway. Also included are view from around the country. Flight Information A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations BAe146 A5-RGE DRK 122 PHB-CCU 0h55 PBH Paro, BHUTAN CCU Calcutta, INDIA BAe146 A5-RGE DRK 122 CCU-BKK 2h25 CCU Calcutta, INDIA BKK Bangkok, THAILAND BAe146 A5-RGE DRK 127 BKK-DAC 2h30 BKK Bangkok, THAILAND DAC Dhaka, BANGLADESH BAe146 A5-RGE DRK 127 DAC-PBH 0h50 DAC Dhaka, BANGLADESH PBH Paro, BHUTAN BAe146 A5-RGE DRK 204 PBH-KTM 1h10 PBH Paro, BHUTAN KTM Kathmandu, NEPAL BAe146 A5-RGE DRK 204 KTM-DEL 1h35 KTM Kathmandu, NEPAL DEL Delhi, INDIA BAe146 A5-RGE DRK 205 DEL-KTM 1h15 DEL Delhi, INDIA KTM Kathmandu, NEPAL BAe146 A5-RGE DRK 205 KTM-PBH 0h40 KTM Kathmandu, NEPAL PBH Paro, BHUTAN