Gatwick Airport - From the 1960s to the 1980s DVD

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Our two vintage London Airport DVDs have been hugely popular and now, at last, this new DVD recreates the sights and sounds of Gatwick from as far back as 1959, right up to the late eighties. Using the same high-quality techniques and painstaking attention to detail as we did for the LAP DVDs, ancient cine film, some more than 50 years old, has been digitally transformed to take you back in time. Because it was used for charter flights to London, Gatwick always had such a variety of interesting airlines and aircraft. We start with the very early days, as an Air Links Dakota departs from an almost deserted apron. Then the big props arrive DC6s, Britannias, Viscounts and CL44s. There&rsquos also a delightful Canadian Air Force Bristol Freighter, a Balair DC4 and one of Caledonian&rsquos first DC7Cs. Soon, the whine of early jets is heard, as the BAC 1-11 era begins. Adding to the din are 707s and DC8s from the USA and Canada, Spanish DC9s, the legendary Dan Air Comet 4s and lots more. Gradually, the wide-bodied era starts, with early 747s, including a &lsquoBig Orange&rsquo from Braniff, appearing alongside DC10s and Tristars, featuring airlines like CP Air, Wardair, Air Florida, BCAL, Cal Air, World Airlines, TWA and British Airtours. Gatwick in its heyday was always a favourite place for airliner enthusiasts. Now you can step back in time and visit it once more!DVD, 56 min.