Information of the manufacturer Herpa Miniaturmodele GmbH (Herpa-Wings)
2022-01-13 18:37:00 / Comments 0
Information of the manufacturer Herpa Miniaturmodele GmbH (Herpa-Wings) -
Dear Herpa customer,
Until now, you were used to being informed about our planned new releases
four months in advance. However, the current cross-industry delays in global
supply chains make it more and more difficult for us, too, to precisely determine
delivery dates for individual models. In order to reduce the need to put
you off by telling you that a particular model is not yet available, we will from
now on announce our new releases only one month in advance rather than
four months. This will allow us to present them to you much less in advance
of the scheduled delivery, increasing the chance that the models will actually
be available on time – and, in addition, we will no longer be supplying photos
and ideas to some competitors from the legal gray area, who, especially in the
Wings segment, sometimes launch their models to the market at short notice
without any licenses, approvals, and authorizations.
This means that you will not receive the brochure showing the models
planned for March/April 2022 in December, as was previously the case, but
rather at the beginning of February. At the end of the year, we present our
2022 Collection featuring available bestsellers, established favorites, and
models that are currently available or will be available shortly. The fact that we
will no longer be able to base the quantities of the models we produce on the
demand we encounter after the announcement can lead to limited availability
of some models, which in turn may increase the value and collector’s appeal
of the models. More than ever, therefore, we recommend that you act quickly
before your particular model is out of stock. We hope you enjoy our models,
and wish you lots of fun with them.