Qatar Airways DVD - Airbus A320-200, A330-200

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Qatar Airways, launched in January 1994, is the national carrier for the State of Qatar and one of the fastest growing airlines in the world. The airline operates a modern fleet of Airbus aircraft including the A300-600, A319CJ, A320-200 and A330-200. Qatar Airways is one of the launch customers for the Airbus A380. The airlines network continues to grow with new destinations being added to the 40 already in service. This program takes you on the main route to Londons Heathrow Airport operated with an Airbus A330-200 as well as to various destinations in the region using the Airbus A320-200 including Beirut, Lebanon Damascus, Syria Khartoum, Sudan and Kuwait.&nbsp Flight Information A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations A330-200 A7-ACB QR 001 DOH-LHR 7h35 DOH Doha, QATAR LHR London Heathrow, UK A330-200 A7-ACB QR 002 LHR-DOH 6h10 LHR London Heathrow, UK DOH Doha, QATAR A320-200 A7-ABU QR 436 DOH-DAM 2h39 DOH Doha, QATAR DAM Damascus, SYRIA A320-200 A7-ABU QR 437 DAM-DOH 2h09 DAM Damascus, SYRIA DOH Doha, QATAR A320-200 A7-ABS QR 520 DOH-KRT 3h26 DOH Doha, QATAR KRT Khartoum, SUDAN A320-200 A7-ABS QR 521 KRT-DOH 3h04 KRT Khartoum, SUDAN DOH Doha, QATAR A320-200 A7-ABR QR 132 DOH-KWI 1h04 DOH Doha, QATAR KWI Kuwait, KUWAIT A320-200 A7-ABR QR 133 KWI-DOH 0h53 KWI Kuwait, KUWAIT DOH Doha, QATAR A320-200 A7-ABU QR 422 DOH-BEY 3h03 DOH Doha, QATAR BEY Beirut, LEBANON