Soviet Airliners in the 21st Century DVD

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How things change! The once vast Aeroflot fleet with its universal livery has gone, replaced by a seemingly never-ending stream of new companies and new colours. For several years now, Frank Manke at Skybird Video has been filming at airports in Russia and Eastern Europe. We?ve used the best of his material, featuring only Soviet/Russian built airliners, to create this fascinating programme. From purposeful freighters like the IL76, and the IL18 and AN12 veteran propliners, to airliners like the IL62 and TU134, Soviet designs have a character all of their own. In recent years, they?ve also acquired some exotic colour schemes, often not seen outside eastern Europe. Filmed at Moscow?s major airports, plus Dresden, Bratislava and Sharjah, this is a great record of the sights and sounds of some superb airliners, as they take on new roles in the 21st Century. DVD, 65 minutes