Spitfires to 737s DVD

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This isn&rsquot a DVD of the Bournemouth Air Festival that takes place each summer along the seafront. Instead, it&rsquos a close up look at many of the air show participants, together with Bournemouth Airport&rsquos normal traffic.Filmed in superb High Definition Video, there are some wonderful sequences bringing you a completely different experience of, for example, the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight aircraft. Gone are brief air show flypasts, accompanied by music and a blaring public address system.Instead, you stand in front of a Spitfire and a Hurricane starting up and then taxiing out for take off or watch the Red Arrows streaming in to land one by one. The Lancaster too has a stunning landing sequence that turns into a really close up taxi past the camera - beautiful video and sound!Most of the DVD was filmed during the 2011 Air Festival but some sequences are from 2010, covering aircraft like the Vulcan and F16 that didn&rsquot appear this year.Highlights include:BBMF: Spitfire Hurricane LancasterSpitfire Tr MK IXPercival PembrokeThe Red ArrowsBreitling StearmansAvro VulcanB17G Sally BNetherlands A.F. F16HunterRAF TornadoSea VixenAtlantic Airlines ElectraWest Air and Atlantic ATPsDVD, 60 Min.