Airports in the 90s - Athens

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If you have any of the other Avion DVDs in the Airports of the 90s series, you’ll have seen the high quality results of re-working our old VHS programmes, using the original camera tapes.

You may have wondered why one of those early VHS tapes, Airport Action – Athens, was never released as an Airports of the 90s DVD. That’s because of the difficulty of filming aircraft through 180 degrees as they passed the roof of the Emmantina Hotel on approach to the airport. That meant that Athens couldn’t reach the standards that Avion DVDs always maintain.

Today, with image stabilisation and other digital enhancement techniques, it has been possible to re-work the original footage into an acceptable Airports of the 90s DVD. That means we can respond to the requests we have received over the years for this programme to be re-released and also not lose a record of airliners at Athens in the mid-90s.

What’s on it? Airside action with Olympic, lots of 737-200s, plus early 747s, DC10s, Tristars, Soviet airliners, 707s, MD80s, A300s and 310s. Check out the photo gallery and web clip to see more.