Independent Airlines from the 1950s to the 80s DVD

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To see a black and white still photo of a Viking is unusual; to watch one in action in colour, with sound, is amazing! That?s just one item in this superb collection of airliners, in service with independent operators from the fifties to the early eighties. Remember the cross-Channel air ferries, carrying cars by Bristol Superfreighter and Carvair? There?s a wonderful sequence here that brings it all back, as we visit many UK airports plus Antwerp and Le Bourget. We?ve used high quality professional, digital, transfers from cine film to DVD with authentic sound and of course no music. This is a treat no enthusiast should miss. BKS Ambassador, Silver City Heron, BUA DC3s Carvairs & Superfreighters, Martinair DC3 DC4 & DC8, Euravia Constellation, Alidair Viscount, Redcoat CL44, British Eagle Britannia, Spantax CV990A, TAT F27, Balair DC6, Court 1-11, Airwork and Invicta Vikings and so much more! DVD, Laufzeit 60 Min. W038 [1] from Avion Video LLP [2] on Vimeo [3]. Links: ------ [1] [2] [3]