Airports in the Nineties - London Stansted DVD

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Stansted seems to be one of those airports that doesn&rsquot get a great deal of video coverage. So when our all-airside video was released in 1999, it created a lot of interest. Now it&rsquos been re-released on DVD as part of our Airports in the Nineties series, bringing you higher quality images and menu selection. The airline scene is constantly changing remember Go Fly, AB Airlines and European BAC 1-11s, GATS IL76s and Gill Airways? They&rsquore all on the DVD, together with a night flight to Dusseldorf in the cockpit of a Titan Airways Shorts Sh.360 plus a detailed look at the turn-round of a Nippon Cargo 747 - 281F. It&rsquos not often possible to film at night, but we managed to capture the pre-Christmas parcels rush with Channel Express Electras, A300s and the last operational Dart Herald, together with FedEx MD11s and Boeing 727s. Originally filmed on digital video, this DVD re-release takes you back airside at one of London&rsquos major airports.DVD, 90 min.