Veteran Jetliners at Work DVD

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Preserved airliners are great there should be more of them. But, what we really want to see is not a re-painted, highly polished, cherished machine. We want the real thing, often complete with dents and dirt, at work in its proper environment the freight ramps and secondary airports of the world. That&rsquos what you get on this DVD, with its great collection of hard-working jetliners that once were the stars of air travel in the 60s and 70s, including: DC8s and 727s at Miami 707s at Sharjah IL62s at Istanbul 727s and DC9s at Caracas Flight on a LADE 707 Passenger 727s MK and AIA DC8s Qinetiq BAC 1-11 737-200s and DC9s at Buenos Aires DC9s and 737-200s at Manila Stage III 707 737-200s at Quito, EcuadorDVD, 70 min.