European Airports from the 1960s to the 1980s DVD

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HEATHROW: BERLIN-TEGEL: BERLIN-TEMPELHOF: LISBON: PARIS-ORLY: PALMA: AMSTERDAM: ROTTERDAM: OSTEND:and one more a delightful scene with a Jersey Airlines Herald and a Derby Airways DC3 that&rsquos probably in the Channel Islands, but we can&rsquot be sure!Our ramble round Europe takes in British Westpoint and Aer Lingus DC3s at Heathrow plus many other 60s airliners there, including an Iraqi Viscount. On to Lisbon for Varig and Pan Am 707s, CPA DC8 and various 727s. Then Schiphol, again in the mid -60s, with KLM DC8s, DC9-15s and Electras, MAC DC7Cs, DC3s and CV600 and more. Palma, at about the same time, has a bevy of Britannias Laker, BKS, BUA, British Eagle and Transglobe, plus more classic jetliners.Berlin-Tegel starts with a Dan Air 707 and an Air France Concorde in the same shot a hard act to follow, but one managed successfully with a collection that includes Aeroamerica 720, Air Berlin USA 707s, Mackey, World and Capitol DC8s and lots more. Tempelhof&rsquos got Pan Am 727s and BEA Viscounts under its famous roof, in the 60s. Then we return in the 70s for a C97, CV240, 747SP, C5 and more, arriving for the well-known USAF open days.An Air Madagascar 707 at Paris, Channel&rsquos Viking and DC3 at Rotterdam and of course, so much more all in colour and all [with the sole exception of a Hastings!] with authentic sound. DVD, 58 Min.