Airports in the Nineties - Frankfurt

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Frankfurt&rsquos fabulous viewing facilities always made it a magnet for airliner enthusiasts and we shot two videos there in the 1990s. Now we&rsquove combined the best of each one in this new 80 minute DVD, with an emphasis on those airliners no longer seen today. Back in 1993, JT8D-powered 737-200s, 727s and DC9s were common here. Now, they&rsquove almost acquired a vintage status and this DVD will certainly bring back memories of &lsquoproper&rsquo jet sound! There are few big tri-jets in passenger service now. Not so on this DVD, as Delta, Air India, Saudia, TAP, Rich, Jordanian, ATA, BWIA and LTU Tristars mix with DC10s from Aeromexico, Taino, Varig, Canadi&gtn, ASA, AOM, Express One, Lufthansa, and Viasa. These are just some of the airliners to be seen on this fascinating DVD, which takes you back to another era and doesn&rsquot feature any Lufthansa A320s!DVD, 80 min.