Classic Wings BAC One-Eleven Part 1 DVD

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Using expertly restored colour cine film from BAE Systems? archives, and with authentic sound throughout, this DVD tells the story of the BAC 1-11?s early sales success. Construction, flight testing, route proving, first flights, sales tours -they?re all in this fascinating programme covering that exciting period from 1963 to 1967; when, as the world?s first short-haul jetliner, the BAC 1-11 broke into the all-important US market. Main features: Construction, rollout and first flight of the prototype American, Braniff and Mohawk 1-11s at work in the USA British United?s route proving and inaugural 1-11 service British Eagle 1-11s in service and at the Farnborough Air Show TACA 1-11s at work in Central America Flight testing Philippines Airlines and LANICA 1-11s Aer Lingus 1-11s on delivery and in service Testing and delivery of Channel Airways first 1-11 Air to air with a Laker 1-11 Also included are some of the other airliners seen on the 1-11's world tour. Examples are in the photo gallery Don't miss the rest of the One-Eleven story in Classic Wings BAC One-Eleven Part 2

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